August 1, 2018

Simple Techniques to Backup MBOX Mail in different Email Client

We all are aware of the importance of emails and their backup. MBOX file format is a big name when we discuss emails as a medium of communication, either it is in the business sector or in personal usage. MBOX is simply a plain text file that comprises zero or more emails as 7-bit ASCII code and the rests data items like attachments are saved in the encoded format. Each MBOX message starts with four characters “From” and the email address of the sender. We send/receive several emails every day and it increases the number of emails in the hard drive or on the server. Exceeding the mailbox size may result in permanent data loss. Apart from this, there come many conditions when MBOX mail backup proves handy. Thus, this technical paper discusses the techniques of taking backup of MBOX data in different MBOX supportive email clients i.e., Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage etc.
Tip: If a user wants to move their Thunderbird MBOX data to Outlook, then there is professional recommended software SysTools MBOX to PST Converter available which is reliable in terms of conversion.

#1: Backup Thunderbird MBOX

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most widely-used free email clients developed with an open source license by the Mozilla Foundation. Its configuration and utilization are speedy and simple. Due to which several computer users are utilizing this as their emailing platform. However, if something goes wrong and you need to move your Thunderbird profile from one computer to another or you have been lost your data then, you will need a backup. Now the question is how to take backup of MBOX mail in Thunderbird? Well, below are some simple techniques for the same yet, before going to the solution section it is essential to know the default location of MBOX.
Default Location of Thunderbird MBOX File:
%USERPROFILE% >> ApplicationData >> Thunderbird >> Profiles >> XXXXXXXX.default >> Mail

Technique 1: Direct Copy Method
  • To take backup of your profile, first close Mozilla Thunderbird (if open)
  • Then, navigate to the default location of MBOX.

  • Now, select and hit a right-click on your profile and choose Copy option.
  • Go to the location where you want to save this file then, Paste it.
Technique 2: Create Archive of Thunderbird Mails
  • Open Thunderbird and go to Accounts.
  • Choose View Settings for this account and Account Settings window will pop now.
  • Select Copies and Folders >> Archive Option.

  • Here, Thunderbird will display three email Archive options i.e., A single folder, Yearly archived folders, and Monthly archived folders.

Choose the desired archive option and click on OK.
  • Thunderbird backup will generate as MBOX file format in the default location of MBOX files.

Note: If you already have taken the backup of MBOX and you want to import it in Thunderbird again then, we recommend to use Thunderbird Import Wizard.

#2: Backup MBOX in Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default email client, which comes with every Mac OS X 10.0 or later. When it comes to Archive Mac Mail data, everyone gets messy from time to time. If one uses Apple Mail frequently and sends/receives several emails per day then, it is possible that the mail server will start overflowing with extremely large files. This is the time when you need to archive Apple Mail data safely. Below are some methods for the same:
Default Location of Apple MBOX File: Library/mail/[Mail Box]

Technique 1: Export Mailbox Method
  • To export a mailbox in Apple Mail, first select the mailbox from the sidebar.
  • Then, hit a right-click on it and choose Export-Mailbox.

  • Next, select a destination location for output .mbox file Doing this will create a backup of your Apple Mail mailbox as MBOX file. After that, you can access this backup via navigating to the location that you have selected previously to save it.
  • Note: If your MBOX files are hidden in Apple Mail and you want to take backup of those files then,
  • Click on Finder icon and choose Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal.

  • Now, in the Terminal window, paste the following command:
  • defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES.

  • Click on Return.
  • Next, hold the Option/Alt button and hit a right-click on Finder icon in the dock. Eventually, click on Relaunch.
  • Doing this will display all the hidden files.

  • After that, you can easily take the backup of Apple Mail MBOX files.

#3: Backup MBOX in Entourage

Entourage application also stores its mailbox data in MBOX file as plain text format. This email client gives drag and drop functionality to export its mailbox data as .mbox file. Users just require to drag the desired mailbox folder from of Entourage into the desktop or any other folder/location. Doing this will generate a standard format UNIX MBOX file that contains selected data. Well, this technique only converts the emails at the top level of dragged folder. If a user needs to export all data of folder including subfolders then, drag each subfolder individually. Follow below-mentioned guidelines to create the backup of Entourage mailbox as MBOX file format:
  • First open Entourage email application.

  • Then, simply Drag and Drop all the mailbox folder such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent items etc. manually to your desktop.

  • After dragging all the folders in desktop, MBOX files will be created here. These files include all the mailbox data.

Observational Verdict

MBOX file is supported by various email applications and sometimes to fulfill the business requirements users want to backup MBOX mail. In order to execute the same task in a few eminent email clients, we have disclosed some simple techniques in this article. Now, users can opt for any method according to the email application that they are working with.

July 4, 2018

Adobe Acrobat DC Fill and Sign Not Working - Resolve the Issue

Are you looking for the solution when Adobe Reader fill and sign options greyed out? If the answer is yes, then do not worry. The post describes a perfect solution when Adobe Acrobat DC Fill and Sign Not Working.

Signing the documents is an age-old part of the work that generally people do not pay attention to. According to the statistics, 80% of the business processes are dependent on forms. Among them, a majority of them has to be signed. This may result in extra expense and time to print the paper and delays in delivery. Due to this, and many other causes, the digital signature proves to be a much better alternative for everyday business processes.

Know More About Digital Signatures

A digital signature enables a user to include graphics like company logo and handwritten signature. Electronic signature in the form of text can also be attached like the name of a user, organization, country, and location. The interesting fact is they are not inky as original signatures, but they are built in with the authentic process. It is because digital signatures save the information of who signed the PDF form, date, time and condition of the document when it was signed.

What are the Advantages of Digital Signature

In any organization, it is needed to sign a contract or an agreement, extra precautions should be taken to guarantee that the documents are secure. Whether it is about signing a few PDF documents or the confidential forms, implementing an electronic signature will change everything. Some of the advantages of adding a digital signature to the PDF document are written as follows:
  • The digital signature is encrypted, unique, and tamper-evident
  • PKI i.e. Public Key Infrastructure keeps the signature secure and safe
  • The electronic signature makes sure that the transactions are confidential and the audit trail of all the signing events is maintained
  • Use APIs or pre-built integration to sync with the business systems, which are already in use

As we have seen that there are certain benefits of inserting signature. But, it has been noticed that when users try to insert them they find that Adobe reader fill and sign options greyed out moreover, many of them don’t know the exact reason behind this issue. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss solutions to enable fill and sign PDF option.

Why Adobe Acrobat DC Fill and Sign Not Working

There are many situations when a user finds that the Adobe fill and sign app not working or the option of “Sign” is grayed out. The main reason behind this problem is the security restrictions applied on PDF file. As soon as these confinements are removed, a user can apply an electronic signature on the PDF form.

Automated Solution When Adobe Reader Fill and Sign Options Greyed Out

When users find the issue “Adobe Acrobat DC Fill and Sign Not Working” they can use the professional tool like PDF Protection Remover Software. This utility ensures that all the restrictions on a PDF document are removed and a user can easily add a digital signature to a PDF. This tool offers the simplest user interface and all the options are listed on a single navigation window, making it easy to work on it.

Step to Remove Security & Enable Fill and Sign PDF Option

A user can follow these simple when “Adobe Acrobat DC Fill and Sign not working”:
  • Open the tool on the local system. Then, click on the option Unlock from the menu
  • Hit, the Browse option to add the path of PDF form that is to be unlocked
  • From the saved location, select PDF file and hit on “Open”
  • Just after the PDF file is loaded, the utility will calculate stats and permissions for the added file. The tool will generate a decrypted PDF file after eliminating all the restrictions from the added PDF file
  • To save the decrypted PDF file, hit on Browse box and choose the destination location
  • While saving the decrypted file, if the required folder does not exist, you can create a new folder by clicking on Make New Folder
  • In the next step, click on Unlock PDF to enable fill and sign PDF
  • A message will appear on the screen when PDF is successfully unlocked. Hit on OK
  • The tool will generate a comparison chart of permissions, before and after using the application
  • After this, tool enable fill and sign PDF option.
By following these useful steps a user can fix the issue “Adobe Acrobat DC Fill and Sign Not Working”. Moreover, all the security protection is removed by the tool. Users can easily perform multiple operations on the resultant PDF document.

Time to Wrap Up

While working in an organization or even for personal use, some files and documents are to be kept confidential. The best way to do this is to apply an electronic signature to PDF. But, oftentimes, it happens that users find the issue “Adobe Acrobat DC fill and sign not working”. The reason is the restrictions applied on the document due to which Adobe Reader fill and sign options greyed out. Thus, this post explains an automated solution which helps users to enable fill and sign PDF option effectively.

June 8, 2018

Print MBOX Files to PDF with Attachments in Windows – Simple Techniques

Want to print MBOX files to PDF with attachments? Are you also looking for a reliable solution to convert MBOX emails to PDF format without any data loss? If yes, then do not need to worry as this blog will describe the best possible solution for converting MBOX to PDF in a hassle-free manner.

May 18, 2018

Best PDF Merger Software to Combine Multiple PDF into One

Here is the list of best PDF Merger software with their key features and licensing details. Users can choose the specific PDF Combiner program according to their need. But, before that know more about PDF files.

PDF files are designed to look and behave exactly the same way on any device. These files are easy to share but sometimes it becomes very difficult for users to manage these large documents. Therefore, users search for the solution to combine multiple PDF into one file. So, here in this blog, we will discuss best PDF merger tools which help users to join PDF files together with ease and efficiency.

Why Users Search for Best PDF Combiner Software

“Yesterday I received some client reports in PDF file format. These documents contain some information regarding the project. For the proper management of the PDF documents, I decided to combine multiple PDF files into one. I searched many PDF Combiner software to merge PDF files to single PDF, but, could not find any reliable method. So, can anyone provide me a simple method to combine PDF files together? All leads shall be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!!”

Know Best PDF Merger Software to Join PDF Files Together

In order to combine multiple PDF into one, users search for reliable software. There are many tools available in the online market to merge PDF files to single PDF but, not all of them are reliable. Therefore, to resolve this problem, we will discuss the best PDF merger software which makes the task easier.

SysTools Free PDF Split & Merge

Out of many PDF merge solutions, SysTools PDF Merger tool is one of the reliable utility to join PDF files together. Basically, this tool is designed to combine multiple PDF into one without any file formatting. This software enables the user to manage their PDF documents by merging them. Moreover, it is available at free of cost, users don’t have to invest any money to create single PDF from multiple PDF files. Therefore, download it and get the complete knowledge about the abilities and workings of this freeware.

Key Features of PDF Merger Tool
  • Combine multiple PDF files into one for free
  • No limitation on the number of files to be merged
  • The tool does not have any PDF file size limitation
  • Provides option to Add Folder containing multiple PDF files
  • Remove unwanted PDF files by using Remove option
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows Operating Systems

Price: Freeware

bitrecover PDF Merge Wizard

PDF Merge Wizard is a powerful solution to join PDF files together in a batch. It is also one of the best PDF merger software which provides the functionality to merge owner password protected PDF document. The tool will first unrestrict the owner password and then combine multiple PDF files into one.

Key Features of the Tool:
  • Join multiple PDF files into single document
  • Does not have any limitation on file size
  • Provides facility to combine secure PDF file
  • Does not have any limitation on file size
  • Allows users to save resultant file at any desired location

Price: $29

Icecream app PDF Split & Merge

It is another tool to merge PDF files to single PDF in batch. The free version of the software allows users to join 3 PDF files in single merging process. Moreover, this tool has very simple and self-descriptive user interface so that users can easily use this tool.

Key Features of the Tool:
  • Facility to create single PDF from multiple PDF
  • Provide option to delete the selected PDF file
  • Shows the total number of pages to be merged
  • Provides facility to save output PDF at any desired folder

Price: Free


Which approach you will use to combine multiple PDF into one is completely up to you. Also, it totally depends upon on the requirement of the users. So, they can choose any tool from the given best PDF Merger software. They all are best to join PDF files together without any data loss.

April 20, 2018

Best PDF Compressor Software to Shrink, Reduce Size of PDF Document

Do you want to compress large size PDF documents at once? If yes? Then, you will get all answers here and know about the best PDF compressor software. But, before that know more about PDF files.
PDF files are widely used because these documents can be easily opened and read on any machine. The size of these files become inconveniently large because they contain high-resolution images, texts, and videos. Due to the large size of these documents, it becomes very difficult for normal users for emailing and viewing of the documents and more importantly large files consumes large storage space. However, people began to use online solutions to compress PDF large size PDF. But, these online methods fail when a user has multiple PDF documents. Also, compression of PDF documents is not an easy task, but this problem is resolved by the Adobe PDF Compressor. This software is regarded as best PDF compressor software because this tool is capable enough to compress multiple PDF files at once.

Benefits to Compress Large Size PDF Documents

There are several benefits to compress PDF files. Some of them are given below:

  • Faster sending of Email containing PDF attachments
  • Decreases file upload or download timing
  • Save large storage space
  • Quick view of the files

Why Users Demand for Best PDF Compressor Software?

“For some weeks, I have been working with high-resolution PDF files containing the huge amount of data. These documents consume large storage space, so I decided to compress large size PDF documents. I tried to compress PDF files using online methods but, found some formatting issues. So, can anyone recommend the simple solution which can easily reduce size of PDF documents without any formatting?”

“While checking the new prototype of the website I discovered a page which links to 5 PDF files. The problem is with the size of the files, I have found difficulty in opening these large size documents. Can anyone suggest the best PDF compressor software which can compress multiple PDF files at once without any data loss? All leads shall be appreciated!!”

Best PDF Compressor Software to Reduce Size of PDF

Adobe PDF Compressor tool provides the facility to minimize file size of PDF documents without any data loss. Reducing the size of PDF files is useful for those files containing various graphics and photos. This software enables the user to compress multiple PDF files at once. PDF Compressor utility does not only assist users with the ability to compress large size PDF document but also does that with a lot of accuracy and advantages provisioned :

  • There is a possibility that you might have multiple documents and wants to compress all of them. In such situations, this tool can be helpful as it Compress large size PDF successfully
  • The software also provides Compress Images option to reduce size of PDF images efficiently
  • No limitation on the number of PDF files to be compressed, it can compress PDF document in batch
  • The application has been engineered with high algorithms and provides Advance Settings" option to select advanced settings for image compression algorithm
  • With Page Options, users can select the particular pages on which the operations are to be performed
  • The tool has simple and self-descriptive graphical user interface to compress multiple PDF files at once

How Software Compress Large Size PDF Files?

Step 1: Launch the best PDF compressor software to reduce size of PDF

Step 2: Click Add Files or Folder option to insert PDF files for compression

Step 3: Select the required options for PDF Compress

Step 4: “Process completed successfully”message is displayed


In this write-up, we are trying to provide the best solution to compress multiple PDF files at once. For that, we have discussed best PDF compressor software which helps the user to reduce the size of PDF document in few seconds. So, gear up and follow the post solely and perform the PDF compression process in a lighter mode.

April 13, 2018

Batch Convert MSG to PDF Adobe Without Outlook Using Simple Approaches

It is commonly known by all of us that MSG and PDF format both are highly demanding because MS Outlook is most widely used email client at the professional level and the PDF format is a platform-independent format which can easily run on multiple devices. The most beneficial feature of the PDF document is that it allows users to access a variety of OS platforms. So, the conversion of MSG files to PDF is the basic and mandatory requirement of all MS Outlook email client users for the backup purpose. But, to batch convert MSG to PDF Adobe is not at all an easy task as both the file formats are totally different. Read this blog in detail to learn more about the different procedures to save MSG file as PDF. The following write-up describes the best possible solutions to perform this conversion in an easy and hassle-free manner.

MSG file is used and generated by Microsoft Outlook email client and is used by Outlook to represent a single email in Outlook. These MSG files are automatically generated in the user’s computer when he or she receives an email message from other users. The user can store MSG files within file system by simply using drag and drop options.

PDF file is also a file extension which is developed by Adobe Acrobat. The PDF file format is one of the most popular file format from the security point of view as compared to MSG files. The Adobe PDF file is an advanced document format which contains the complete description and is also capable of containing unlimited fonts, graphics, images and much more.

How to Batch Convert MSG to PDF Adobe Manually?

There are quite large number of Outlook users who want to batch convert Outlook emails to PDF format, but it is next to impossible to manually export Outlook emails to Adobe PDF, in order to perform bulk conversion, a user will always require a commercial third-party converter utility which can batch convert MSG to PDF Adobe in bulk.

So the migration procedure of MS Outlook MSG files to PDF is not at all an easy task. Therefore, to convert single Outlook email user can opt the manual solution. Users are required to follow the below-discussed approaches to perform the Manual Approach:

Note: Manual Approach is only capable to convert Outlook email information which includes email header information, body part information, etc. and not able to convert the attachments and can only convert single email at a time.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and select any email.
  2. Navigate to File Menu and select “Save As” option. 
  3. Now, choose HTML file format.
  4. The file now will be saved at the desired location with HTML file extension 
  5. Select the file from the particular location and right click on the file and open MS Word 
  6. Now, navigate to Office buttons and select “Save As” option to batch convert MSG to PDF Adobe.
  7. Select find Add-ins to save file in PDF format.

The above-discussed manual approach is capable to convert Outlook email to PDF file format but is not considered as the correct solution if the user wants to batch convert Outlook email to PDF with their attachments. The bulk conversion of Outlook email files is not possible with this above-discussed solution because manual conversion cannot batch convert MSG to PDF Adobe.

Professional Solution

So, what is the correct alternative solution in the situation where any user has a Manual conversion solution but still they are not capable to batch convert MSG to PDF Adobe with attachments, one such alternative solution is to use SysTools MSG to PDF Converter Software. It is the effective and reliable solution in order to batch convert Outlook emails to PDF. The above-discussed Manual conversion solution is also available but consumes lot of time to perform the specified task, and the user are capable to convert single Message file of Outlook email client at a time. Whereas, this converter software can easily and simply perform batch conversion of Outlook emails along with their associated attachment into PDF document in one go and that too without consuming much time.

The Last Words

Finally, the manual migration approach to batch convert MSG to PDF Adobe with attachments is difficult for every user, but by using commercial third party tool to export MSG files to PDF, user can solve this conversion problems. The software is technically developed for those Outlook users who want to perform this technique on multiple MSG files without consuming much time.

April 7, 2018

How to Convert Multiple MSG to PDF in the Best Possible Way

Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2016 provides multiple options to save email messages with attachment to file. These can be in the form of a complete data file(.pst) or an HTML, TXT file. There are multiple provisions but users tend to look for ways on how to convert multiple MSG to PDF. More on this has been discussed in this post. There are numerous different techniques which a user can choose to save MSG file as PDF. Read the complete article to find out more on this topic. Repeat the steps carefully to avoid any type of data loss.

April 2, 2018

Extract Multiple Images from PDF Documents in Easy Manner

Sometimes we often need to extract high-quality images from the PDFs for creating separate documentation in other formats. For creating web pages, powerpoint presentations, word processing documents, etc users want to download images from PDF. So, considering all user requirements we have discussed both manuals as well as the automated solution to extract multiple images from PDF files.

User Query

“I recently got an email with various PDF attachments. When I opened the portable document file I found that it contains various images. Then, I decided to use these images for creating web pages. But, I don’t know how to download pictures from PDF files. Can anyone suggest the simple solution to perform this task?

Save Images From PDF by Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro provides the functionality to extract multiple images from PDF files. Follow steps one by one:
  • Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your local machine
  • Now, open the required PDF file from which you want to extract pictures
  • Click on Tools option
  • Then, go to Export PDF option
  • A small thumbnail of the first page is displayed on the left side of the screen. From the right side of the screen, click on the Images option
  • Then, select the File Format to export image
  • Check the Export All Images check box
  • Click on the Export button
  • Choose the desired destination location to save the exported image
  • Enter the file name for the image
  • Hit, the Save option

Extract Multiple Images from PDF by Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Using this program user can easily save images from PDF files. But, for this user have to follow some useful steps:
  • Firstly, open Adobe Reader DC program
  • Click on File option to open the PDF file
  • Go to Edit menu option
  • Then, click on Take a Snapshot
  • Now, click & drag the mouse over the area of the image to capture a screenshot, but the best way is to click the Edit menu again and
  • choose Select All option
  • Right-click on the image in the PDF file & click Copy Selected Graphic
  • The image will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it into any image editing program

Use Windows Snipping Tool to Save Images From PDF

With the help of snipping tool, users can extract the small number of images from the PDF file. To capture images with the help of snipping tool follow the steps:
  • Click on the Start button
  • Enter Snipping Tool in the search box & Choose Snipping Tool
  • Click on the Mode option and choose from Windows, Free-form, Full-screen, or Rectangular Snip. For free-form or rectangular snips, use the mouse to select the area that needs to be captured
  • Lastly, click on the Save button to save the snip at any desired location

Limitations of Manual Method to Extract Multiple Images from PDF

There are some of the disadvantages of the manual method to save images from pdf file, these are given below:
  • Could not extract images from PDF files in batch
  • The full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is needed
  • Good technical knowledge is required
  • Steps are lengthy and time-consuming too

Automated Approach to Save Images From PDF in Batch

As already discussed in the above-section that manual approach has certain limitations. Then, how extract multiple images from PDF in batch? So the answer to this is to go for any third-party professional utility like SysTools PDF Toolbox. This software provides Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF documents so that user can extract images from multiple PDF documents. Moreover, the tool comprises of many other effective features and they are:

  • Save the extracted image as TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG, etc format
  • Extract text from PDF documents in batch
  • Compress or reduce the size of PDF documents
  • Perform the conversion of PDF/A
  • Facility to manage the size of images
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and all below versions


Here, in this blog, we have discussed both manual as we as automated solution to extract multiple images from PDF files. But, due to some drawbacks of the manual method, it is recommended to use automated solution. The application enables the user to download pictures from PDF files in batch without any hassle.

March 22, 2018

Remove PDF Print Restrictions Online With Efficient Software

PDF is the abbreviation for portable document file format. It is widely used document format in a digital computing world. Basically, from corporate to normal users everyone is using PDF files for printing purpose with ease. However, due to security purpose, people add the extra print protection to PDF files, which restricts other people to print PDF document. But, at times users required to remove print security from PDF online. Hence, they search for some online tool to unlock PDF files. Therefore, in this article, we will describe the best free solution to remove PDF print restrictions online.

User Query 1: “I am having trouble in printing PDF files. I tried several methods which I found to be not effective at all for me. Can anyone suggest any easy to use and free method to remove print security from PDF online? Any answers are appreciated.”

User Query 2: “One of my friend is having difficulty to take the printout of PDF files because they are secured. Certain restrictions are applied on it for security purpose. He consulted me to suggest any software that can remove PDF print restrictions online. But, I am not familiar with any online utility that can easily remove print protection. Can anyone suggest me how to remove print protection from PDF online?

Why is it Necessary to Remove Print Security From PDF Online?

Sometimes it is needed to remove print restrictions from PDF files because at times the user wants to take the hard copy of PDF document. But, due to security, they are unable to take print out of it. Let’s take the example of the e-book, most these electronic books are in PDF file format. But, sometimes they are secured so that other people can’t misuse them. But, sometimes users are in need to take print of e-book for further use. Hence, due to security, it finds it very difficult. Therefore, in such scenarios, it is needed to remove print restrictions from PDF files.

Benefits to Remove PDF Print Restrictions Online

There are several advantages of using online software to remove PDF print protection. Some of them are given below:

  • Online tools are independent of any web browsers
  • Free solution, user don’t have to invest the money
  • Installation of the software is not required as it is an online utility
  • Fast removal of PDF restrictions
  • A Simple process which only requires the uploading of PDF files

Best Software to Remove Print Security From PDF Online

There are numerous software available that enables the user to remove PDF print restrictions online. But, for the best solution, I would recommend for Online PDF Unlocker Tool. Because this software easily remove print protection from PDF online. Moreover, other restrictions like the copy, edit, and data extraction are removed by the software in an easy way. However, if the user wants to remove user level password from PDF files it can be also done by the tool. For this, it is necessary to provide the appropriate password. Once the password is applied to PDF document, the file will get unlocked and users can save this password free PDF at any desired location.

Useful Features of this Online Software

Some of the highlighted features of the software are given below:

  • Remove restrictions from PDF files in batch
  • All copy, print, edit and extract restrictions are removed
  • No PDF file size limitation easily remove PDF print restrictions online
  • The simple and self-descriptive user interface of the tool


This article described how to remove PDF print restrictions online. The solution illustrated here is free of cost. The user doesn’t have to invest any money to remove print protection from PDF online. Moreover, being online utility it does not require the installation of any Adobe Acrobat or any external software. Users can use it easily and efficiently to remove print security from PDF online. Moreover, apart from removing print restrictions one can also remove other restrictions like a copy, extract and edit restrictions.

March 19, 2018

View & Export Outlook Mailbox to PDF Without Outlook – Efficient Tips

Do you also want to view & export Outlook Mailbox to PDF documents? But do not know how to export Outlook mails to PDF? But, no need to worry as this article is going to describe the possible approaches in order to convert Outlook folder to PDF. Read this blog to learn more about how to convert Outlook emails to PDF in a more hassle-free manner without consuming much time.
In organizations, there are number of different email clients that are being used in order to sending and receiving the messages along with attachments. Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Reader both these applications support different file formats. Since, Outlook is one of the most popular email clients and becomes the first preference of every user in order to manage their crucial data. Outlook PST file is commonly used to save complete Outlook Data items in it. On the other hand, the PDF file is created by Adobe Acrobat application. It is used to display the portable documents in a system. The PDF is a portable document file and the most secure format to save all data items in it. That is why, users are looking for a solution to convert Outlook mails to PDF. Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss the best possible solution to export Outlook emails to PDF in an efficient manner.

Export Outlook Mailbox to PDF Manually

Read the following steps in order to export Outlook Mailbox to PDF. Let us have a look at the below-discussed steps:
  1. Launch and run MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Now, navigate to the File option and then click on Save As option.
  3. A new window will appear on the screen, where users are required to select the File Type as an option and then, select HTML format.
  4. Now, browse to the desired location where you want to save HTML file and Click on Save Option.
  5. Next, open the HTML file and navigate the following sequence:
    Select HTML file>>Right Click >> Open with >>Select Microsoft Word 
  6. After that, open the Microsoft Word Application, navigate to File and select Save As option. Choose File Type as PDF.
  7. Now, open the resultant PDF File.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • This manual approach takes more time as compared the other solutions in order to view & export Outlook Mailbox to PDF format. 
  •  It is only capable to move either one or two mailboxes to PDF Adobe Acrobat. It is not considered as an effective and reliable approach for all users who want to convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat . 
  •  At times, this Manual Approach leads to data file corruption issues. So, users are always recommended to have PST file backup before performing this technique.

Automated Solution to Export Outlook Mailbox to PDF

In order to get the perfect results, users are always advised to opt any effective third-party commercial software i.e., FreeViewer PST File Viewer Pro. This utility designed to view & convert Outlook mails to PDF. It also provides various features in order to make the conversion process much simpler and easier. It also comes with an attractive feature which also provides users with a search option in order to search a particular email. This software comes with an easy-to-use interface that can be easily understood by a novice user. Some interesting features of these utilities are described in the below discussed section.

Need of Alternative Solution to Convert Outlook Mails to PDF

  • Export Outlook Mailbox to PDF with attachments in Portrait & Landscape mode 
  • Search Outlook Emails along with attachments within Microsoft PST file
  • Capable to convert selective items from Outlook and save in PDF file format 
  • Allows to batch convert Outlook emails to PDF format
  •  Open & Preview Outlook data items i.e., emails, contacts, etc. in PDF
  •  Provides Date filter & Naming Convention feature during the conversion process


PDF documents plays a very crucial role to share the document files securely with the help of internet. This is a secured file format that can be easily accessed on any platform without any data loss. In this article, we have discussed both Manual as well as alternative Automated approach in order to export Outlook mailbox to PDF. However, the manual approach to convert Outlook emails to PDF has some limitations as we have already discussed above. So, from this blog, it is very clear that users must go for a Professional third-party commercial tool instead of the Manual approach to perform this conversion process. Apart from this, we have also described some remarkable features of this application as well.