Want to print MBOX files to PDF with attachments? Are you also looking for a reliable solution to convert MBOX emails to PDF format without any data loss? If yes, then do not need to worry as this blog will describe the best possible solution for converting MBOX to PDF in a hassle-free manner.

In this present era of technology, every user is required to access their important data without any dependency. Email applications used by the users in order to perform their official work contains ample of crucial emails along with attachments. Now, the complete data in the mailbox is stored in a particular file format, which is opened by the same application. But, in order to access the data anywhere in a reliable manner, then a user is suggested to use some file formats that are application independent.

PDF format by Adobe is one such format that can be used without any hassle. This type of file format is supported by multiple platforms. On the other hand, MBOX format is supported by a large number of email application. So, when it comes to use mailbox data without any limitation, then users opt for the process to print MBOX files to PDF with attachments. After exporting MBOX emails to PDF format, a user can easily access MBOX mailbox data on Windows platforms. Thus, the following write-up will discuss both the Manual as well as Professional Approach to export MBOX to PDF format. But, before directly jumping to the solution, let us consider the most common query asked by a number of users:

User-Query to Print MBOX Files to PDF

“For email communication, I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my personal email application at my workplace. But, sometimes while I am required to travel from one place to another, I need to access my mailbox data. However, it is not possible for me to carry my desktop which contains Mozilla Thunderbird everywhere. Thus, I am looking for a solution using which I can export selective data from MBOX to PDF format along with attachments. Can someone suggest me any possible solution to convert MBOX emails to PDF without any data loss? If yes, then all the solutions are Welcome. Thanks in Advance!!”

Techniques to Convert MBOX Emails to PDF

The process to print MBOX to PDF with attachments is not at all an easy task. But, a user can perform this approach using the Mozilla Thunderbird application. Apart from this Manual Approach, a user is suggested to opt the third-party approach also named as SysTools MBOX File to PDF Converter. Both of these approaches are described in the following write-up:

Print MBOX Files to PDF Using Manual Approach

The above-discussed both the solutions are preferred by a number of users in order to transfer data from MBOX files into PDF document. The Manual Approach is just suitable to perform the conversion of only a few or very less number of MBOX to PDF format. But, bulk conversion is not at all an easy task in order to convert MBOX emails to PDF. Moreover, it is quite time-consuming and lengthy process. Therefore, users are always suggested to go for the Expert Solution in order to execute the process to batch print MBOX files to Adobe PDF. It is one of the most reliable and secure approaches for performing the MBOX format to PDF conversion.

Expert Approach to Export MBOX to PDF With Attachments

In order to have a reliable and effective solution with a satisfactory result, users are advised to use an Alternative Solution ie. SysTools MBOX to PDF Converter Software. It is basically designed to export MBOX files to PDF Document without any data loss. Moreover, this tool has some Advanced features which are discussed below:

  • Standalone Software in order to batch print MBOX files to PDF with attachments 
  • Provides a preview of MBOX files along with attachments 
  • Capable to convert MBOX emails to PDF Legal Documents 
  • Provides multiple file naming conventions to migrate MBOX to PDF 
  • Save multiple MBOX data files in PDF format to the desired location

Wrapping It Up

PDF file format is considered as the standard format to exchange information and access on any platform without any dependency. Thus, users want to print MBOX files to PDF format and get an easy access to their mails everywhere they want. Therefore, keeping the user’s requirement in mind, we have described all the possible approaches to perform the same. In order to have a reliable and effective solution, a third-party approach is also suggested above that users can use without any hassle.