“I received the PDF document that contains some confidential data. But, this file contains the text watermark due to which it becomes difficult for me to read it properly. So, the only option left is to delete watermark from PDF. But, I am unable to find the best solution. So, can anyone provide me the best method for the same?”

Sometimes it is extremely annoying when you finally get an important PDF document that you desired for a long time. But, you find that there is a big watermark on it, which prevents you from getting the fullest reading experience from the PDF files. So, to solve this problem you need some solution that helps you to erase watermark from PDF files. For, this read this complete article and solve your problem.

Erase Watermark in PDF Files Using Microsoft Word

MS word provides the facility to delete watermark from PDF documents. But, one thing should be noted that users must have Adobe Acrobat DC on the computer system, which helps in modifying the desired PDF files. So, follow steps one by one :
Step 1. First, browse and open the PDF document to remove the watermark
Step 2. Choose the “Tool” option from the right pane & Hit theTool option
Step 3. Several options like Import File, Export File, Create PDF are displayed
Step 4. After that, choose the “Export PDF” option
Step 5. Now, the user has to select the Microsoft Word as your export format & then choose the Word Document
Step 6. On starting the described options, click on the “Export” option to make it functional
Step 7. After doing this, a box will appear. Name the Word File that you are converting from PDF file in the name box & save it on the desirable location of the computer system from where you can easily retrieve it
Step 8. Navigate towards the location where your file has been saved in Word format & open the file
Step 9. Go to the watermark logo or design of the document in this Word format
Step 10. Select the Page Background option & click on the Watermark option from it
Step 11. This Watermark option will allow users to open a small box. It contains certain patterns of the watermark. Two options i.e. Customize Watermark & Remove Watermark are displayed
Step 12. Go to Remove Watermark option & your watermark will be removed from your entire PDF document
Step 13. If Remove Watermark option does not work properly, then double click on the header area of the PDF document. Chose your watermark and press Delete button.

Delete Watermark from PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

With the help of Adobe, Acrobat users can remove embedded watermark PDF. However, users must have Adobe Reader that helps them to view PDF documents.
Step 1. Open the Adobe Acrobat program
Step 2. Open the watermarked PDF file & Go to the top menu
Step 3. Click on Tools option and choose Edit PDF option from the menu
Step 4. Click on Watermark icon which is located the top of the toolbar
Step 5. Now, list of three options will show. Select Remove button to delete Watermark from PDF

Limitations of Manual Method to Erase Watermark in PDF

With the above-described approaches, users can remove embedded watermark PDF file. But, with these methods, users can erase watermark from single PDF file. It is not useful when the user wants to remove watermark from multiple PDF documents. Moreover, the above-described methods are lengthy and time-consuming.

Directly Delete Watermark from PDF Files

It is just a few clicks solution to remove embedded watermark PDF. The major advantage of using SysTools PDF Watermark Remover is that it remove watermark from PDF files in batch. Several PDF files can be added at a time. Software delete watermark from all of them easily. Also, the tool does not make any changes to the data when it erase watermark in PDF files. You can take help of following steps to delete watermark from PDF files.

1- Download the software to eliminate PDF watermark

2- Click on Add File or Add Folder button to select single PDF of the folder containing multiple PDF documents

3- Tool generates the preview of added PDF files

4- Hit the Start button to remove embedded watermark PDF.

Time to Conclude

The procedure on how to delete watermark from PDF documents is illustrated in this blog. If it is about single PDF file then, you can opt for the manual approach. But, when it comes to bulk PDF documents then, the best-suited approach is automated.