Nowadays, email is the convenient communication tool that lets the people keep in touch with anyone in the world. Emails not only contain text, but also other attachments that let the users access additional files. However, attachments could be in any format like image, videos and files like PDF, DOC, PPT, etc. But, it has been noticed that most of the times users can’t view PDF email attachment. When they tried to access the PDF files they see blank pages. There are several reasons for the problem, maybe the file is not downloaded completely or it gets corrupted. However, there could be other reasons due to which users can’t open PDF files from email. So, this blog provides the complete details and the solution to fix this problem.

User Query

“Got an important email from my client. It contains one PDF and other doc files attachments. All doc files can be easily viewed but, the problem is I am unable to open PDF attachments in Gmail. Importantly, I have to make notes from PDF files. Can anyone help me to resolve this query?”

“Found the bug, I can’t view PDF email attachment. I received the PDF file but while opening it displays the blank screen. I am unable to view its contents, don't know why this happens. Kindly provide me the best solution so that I can open PDF attachments.”

Why Users Can’t Open PDF Files from Email

Absence of right software to open PDF attachment

To open and read email attachments, your computer must have the right software. PDF files can be opened easily, but if there is the absence of PDF reader then it would be difficult to open it.

Suspicious Email Attachment

Malware and other virus programs infect the email attachments. Such programs not only infect the files but also PC and other personal information. Such programs automatically detect the attachment and prevent from downloading it. As a result, users find the various issues and can’t open PDF files from email.

Manual Solution to Solve Query “Can't View PDF Email Attachment”

If the user can't open PDF files from email, they can follow the below steps:
  • Firstly check the supported Web browser
  • Try to turn off the extensions you have on your browser one at a time
  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies
  • Then, open Gmail with labs disabled. If this fixes the problem try to enable labs one at a time

Automated Solution to Open PDF File Attachments

By using above described steps if the user still faces the problem and can't view PDF email attachment. Then, it might be possible that file is severely corrupted. So, there is need to repair PDF documents. It can be done by using the professional software i.e. Adobe PDF Recovery tool. This software repairs multiple PDF documents and allows users to save the recovered PDF file to any desired folder. It performs the file recovery without any change in original formatting. Moreover, it is compatible with all PDF format and its versions. The tool supports all Windows operating system versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. Use steps and resolve the query “can’t view PDF email attachment”.

1- Firstly, download and run the tool & browse PDF files that need to view

2- Tool scan the complete PDF document

3- Software generates the preview of recovered data

4- Click Save PDF button to save the recovered document


Most of the times users receive the PDF attachment through email. But, when they double click the file it shows the blank screen or file does not open. There is not only a single reason for the problem but, there are other major reasons also, that we have covered in this blog. However, another main reason for this issue is PDF damage. When the file gets corrupted it would be difficult to view them. So, this blog provides the best solution when users can’t view PDF email attachment.