More than 12 billion users work with the PDF files on a daily basis, and it is mostly used for reading/downloading eBooks, making/publishing online brochures and other online literature. If a user wants to read or view a particular PDF file, then it's very easy. There are so many free & paid software programs available in the market to view/read PDF files. Adobe Reader, being a free software, is the best out of all applications to view/read PDF files.
Reading/Viewing PDF file is not a major issue, but editing and extracting text is. PDF readers don’t allow editing PDF files due to the restrictions assigned to them. So in this post I want to share my personal experience with some the applications using which you will able to edit the document.

Two Different Methods To Edit a PDF File:

  1. Using the Software.
  2. Convert the file in MS Word and edit it.

Able Word Software: Word Processor and PDF Editor:

Able Word is a very capable word processing tool that can read and edit most popular document formats. It supports image formatting, header & footer, tables, spell checking and print preview. This program can read and edit MS Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (txt), Adobe PDF (pdf), Plan Text (txt) and HTML (html, htm). Best of all, it’s free and doesn’t leave any watermark on your files.

Steps to Edit:
  1. Download the software:, then install and open it.
  2. Click on Open button to open PDF file.
  3. Here you can see the document is now editable:
  4. You can also change the location of the image by dragging it:
  5. After editing the document, click on Save button if you want to overwrite the same file or you can also choose Save As button if you want to save the file in a different location. You can choose this to save the file in another format:

Edit PDF files with Inkscape

Inkscape is an open source graphic editor, it’s capabilities are similar to CorelDraw, Illustrators or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. The newest version of Inkscape can now directly import PDF files and comes with an improved PDF export option. Thus, Inkscape is an easy open source tool for editing and creating PDF files.
  1. Download the software from here, and then install and open it;
  2. In top menu, click on File >> Open, browse the document and click on the Open button;
  3. Here you will see 2 options while opening the document. Choose it as per your need and click on OK button:
  4. Select an object. You can drag and move it;
  5. To edit a document, click on A button on the right hand side menu and choose the text that you want to edit:
  6. You can also edit the text style, choose the options from top sub menu:
  7. After editing the document, click on File >> Save button. If you want to save the document in other formats, choose Save As and select the file type and proceed.
By following the above steps you will be able to edit the PDF file without converting or spending money by purchasing any tool.

Convert the PDF File into MS Word and Edit:

To convert the PDF file into MS Word you don’t need to download any OCR software. We have described about Able Word in our article, this software is also a good option to convert the file in MS Word. Open the document and choose Save As option to convert the file. Converting quality of the tool is excellent, also it can extract text, images, format, table, etc.

Tool To Convert Files Into Word Format:

PDF Burger – Online PDF to Word Converter
In our article How To Convert Multiple Image Files To PDF?, I have already defined about PDF Burger features. The tool has many features and it’s a very popular in the online market.
Steps to Convert file:
  1. Visit, click on Select file button and choose the document;
  2. Now click on the Start button to upload the file, or if you want to add more file, then click on the Add Files button:
  3. It will take a few minutes to upload and convert the document;
  4. Just when your file gets converted, you can download the file by clicking on the Download button:
After converting the document you will be able to edit the file in MS Word. Just open the document and change the font, style, text, image, etc., as per your need. If you want to convert the MS Word file into PDF, then you can try using Google Drive. It is also a good option, as well as, its a free online tool. Just upload the document, open it and choose .pdf file in the Save As option.
Conclusion: The above tools and steps are only for Windows users. However, PDF Burger and Google Drive can be accessed by MAC OS users too.