Immaculately Recover Overwritten PDF File

User Often Ask Such Queries

A user once enquired that he was not having the Cloud PDF; and he was only having a regular type of Adobe PDF file on his system, which got accidentally overwritten by him; so how could he manage to perform PDF Recovery and retrieve the data from his original file. Such similar types of issues are faced by many more users, who are constantly looking to find answers about the process to recover overwritten PDF file.

Manual Methodology for PDF Recovery

It is possible for the users to recover overwritten PDF files manually with ease, and this can be done as per the version of MS Windows that is being used. MS Windows versions 7, 8 as well as 10 come with great functionality to enable pdf recovery to previous versions of files/folders as safety nets. If users are experiencing issues with any original file or folder, then that user can still access as well as restore those previous versions.

Manual Process to Recover Overwritten PDF Files on Windows

  1. "Backup & Restore" Tab
    • For MS Windows 10 version
    1. Open Start or press the Windows Key + S for opening keyboard search.
    2. Here, type "backup".
    3. After that, select the option, "Backup-&-Restore (Win 7)”.
    • For MS Windows 8 version.
    1. Open "Settings" search
    2. Press Windows Key + W.
    3. Type "Windows 7" .
    4. Click "Windows-7-File-Recovery".
    • For MS Windows 7 version
    1. Click on "Start".
    2. Type "backup".
    3. Select the option for "Backup & Restore".
  2. Open Restoration Window for Restoring PDF Files.
    • Click the option of "Restore-my-files" in the "Restore" section to restore PDF files.
    • Select "Restore-all-user's-files" button for recovering other users’ PDF files.
    • Click "Select-another-backup-to-restore-files-from" for restoring PDF files from some other backup.
  3. Choose Some Backup by Date for Restoring PDF Files.
    • All of the PDF files that are needed for restoration would be displayed in recent backup.
    • But, for restoring PDF files from any previous backup,
    • Click the option of "Choose-a-different-date”.
    • select some time-frame for displaying the previously taken backups from the box of "Show-backups-from" in the window of "Restore Files".
    • then, select the required backup date from which you want the backup.
    • Click OK.
  4. Select PDF Files for Restoration
    • If location of PDF files that are to be restored is unknown then click Search.
    • Type keywords in the field, "Search for".
    • Click "Search" .
    • Search result displays the required PDF files to be restored.
    • Click particular PDF file or files.
    • Click OK.
  5. Restore PDF Files
    • First, select the option for "in-the-original-location" for restoring the files to the folders where they were located before.
    • If there are PDF files with similar names, it is asked whether user likes overwriting those files.
    • Click "Restore".
      • "Copy-File" prompts if PDF files with similar names are existing already.
      • Click "Copy & Replace" for overwriting existing files.
      • "Don't copy" for keeping those existing files.
      • The option of "Copy, but-keep-both-files" is there for comparing both files.
    • For using similar answer for all these "Copy file" prompt questions, the user has to check the box for "Do-this-for-all-conflict" before selecting preferred options.
    • Click "Finish" if all files are restored.
  6. Recover Overwritten PDF File Items to Some Alternative Location.
    • First, select "In-the-following-location".
    • Then check the "Restore-the-files-to-their-original-subfolders" for recreating the entire folder in some alternative location.
    • After that, click "Browse" for selecting that alternate folder.
    • In the window, "Browse-for-Folder," select any of the empty folders.
    • Or one can click the button of "Make-1New-Folder" button to create a new folder.
    • Click "Restore" for recovering selected PDF files.
    • Once they are recovered successfully, click "View-restored-files" for opening that alternate restore folder.

SysTools PDF Recovery – One Stop Solution

Manual methods are no doubt free of charge and can be done by the users themselves, but sometimes, they tend to be very lengthy and time-consuming when the user tries to recover overwritten pdf files, now at the same time, they do not ensure guaranteed results always. So, it is always better to try out some commercial tool like SysTools PDF Recovery would be a great choice in this regard.

Concluding Remarks

The above article discussed in detail about the manual processes that can be executed to recover overwritten PDF files. But if none of these work in your case then there always the option of moving towards some 3rd party solution.