Do you want to compress large size PDF documents at once? If yes? Then, you will get all answers here and know about the best PDF compressor software. But, before that know more about PDF files.
PDF files are widely used because these documents can be easily opened and read on any machine. The size of these files become inconveniently large because they contain high-resolution images, texts, and videos. Due to the large size of these documents, it becomes very difficult for normal users for emailing and viewing of the documents and more importantly large files consumes large storage space. However, people began to use online solutions to compress PDF large size PDF. But, these online methods fail when a user has multiple PDF documents. Also, compression of PDF documents is not an easy task, but this problem is resolved by the Adobe PDF Compressor. This software is regarded as best PDF compressor software because this tool is capable enough to compress multiple PDF files at once.

Benefits to Compress Large Size PDF Documents

There are several benefits to compress PDF files. Some of them are given below:

  • Faster sending of Email containing PDF attachments
  • Decreases file upload or download timing
  • Save large storage space
  • Quick view of the files

Why Users Demand for Best PDF Compressor Software?

“For some weeks, I have been working with high-resolution PDF files containing the huge amount of data. These documents consume large storage space, so I decided to compress large size PDF documents. I tried to compress PDF files using online methods but, found some formatting issues. So, can anyone recommend the simple solution which can easily reduce size of PDF documents without any formatting?”

“While checking the new prototype of the website I discovered a page which links to 5 PDF files. The problem is with the size of the files, I have found difficulty in opening these large size documents. Can anyone suggest the best PDF compressor software which can compress multiple PDF files at once without any data loss? All leads shall be appreciated!!”

Best PDF Compressor Software to Reduce Size of PDF

Adobe PDF Compressor tool provides the facility to minimize file size of PDF documents without any data loss. Reducing the size of PDF files is useful for those files containing various graphics and photos. This software enables the user to compress multiple PDF files at once. PDF Compressor utility does not only assist users with the ability to compress large size PDF document but also does that with a lot of accuracy and advantages provisioned :

  • There is a possibility that you might have multiple documents and wants to compress all of them. In such situations, this tool can be helpful as it Compress large size PDF successfully
  • The software also provides Compress Images option to reduce size of PDF images efficiently
  • No limitation on the number of PDF files to be compressed, it can compress PDF document in batch
  • The application has been engineered with high algorithms and provides Advance Settings" option to select advanced settings for image compression algorithm
  • With Page Options, users can select the particular pages on which the operations are to be performed
  • The tool has simple and self-descriptive graphical user interface to compress multiple PDF files at once

How Software Compress Large Size PDF Files?

Step 1: Launch the best PDF compressor software to reduce size of PDF

Step 2: Click Add Files or Folder option to insert PDF files for compression

Step 3: Select the required options for PDF Compress

Step 4: “Process completed successfully”message is displayed


In this write-up, we are trying to provide the best solution to compress multiple PDF files at once. For that, we have discussed best PDF compressor software which helps the user to reduce the size of PDF document in few seconds. So, gear up and follow the post solely and perform the PDF compression process in a lighter mode.