Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2016 provides multiple options to save email messages with attachment to file. These can be in the form of a complete data file(.pst) or an HTML, TXT file. There are multiple provisions but users tend to look for ways on how to convert multiple MSG to PDF. More on this has been discussed in this post. There are numerous different techniques which a user can choose to save MSG file as PDF. Read the complete article to find out more on this topic. Repeat the steps carefully to avoid any type of data loss.

Reasons to Convert Multiple MSG to PDF

Listed below are some of the grounds in order to convert multiple MSG files to PDF:

  • There may be a change in company policy that requires documenting each important conversation as a rule. Some users would choose to print out emails with attachment through Adobe Reader. 
  • Some legal advisors need to convert MSG files to PDF with attachments. It can be used to reference in a trial or keep important conversations secret in a file. There are chances of corruption, infection or hack when dealing with criminals and crooks. 
  • There are forensic teams that need to investigate a possible cybercrime by going through an email thoroughly. They may need to export MSG files to PDF just for this reason. 
  • There are users who would like to access their messages through multiple portals. An Adobe document can be read through any of the Android or iOS mobile devices and Mac, Linux computers.

Batch Convert MSG Files to PDF Manually

Following are the instructions to convert multiple MSG to PDF:

  1. First, select the .msg file and open it in the Microsoft Outlook desktop client as shown in the image below.

  2. Then, go to File>>Save As option.

  3. From the ‘Save As’ dialogue box, set an appropriate location and path. Select the ‘Save as Type’ as ‘HTML(*.htm, *.html)’.

  4. Now, go to the location where the .html file is saved in order to convert MSG files to PDF.

  5. Then, right-click on it and select Open With>>Word.

  6. Then, go to the File>>Save As.

  7. From the ‘Save As’ dialogue box, again give the file a name and set it a location to save the file. Set the ‘Save As Type’ as PDF(*.pdf) as shown in the image below.

Limitations of Converting MSG to PDF Manually

  • This is just for a single email. It can be a long and tiresome process to repeat it for multiple email messages. 
  • This is not a preferred method for many professionals. Many experts recommend and look for workarounds to convert multiple MSG to PDF. 
  • There are too many technical terms which can be difficult to understand for any non-technical user.

Professional Way to Convert MSG Files to PDF 

The above-discussed manual method is not meant for bulk email messages. If any user wants to save multiple .msg files as Adobe document format, then a third-party tool is needed. One such professional software is the SysTools MSG to PDF Converter. It is a simple and basic application which can be used by any technical or non-technical user. It provides multiple options and features to apply date-filters, naming convention, view HEX version of the text etc. Multiple views are available for forensic analysis of an email for identifying possible hack origins. The application is available for all the latest versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and earlier ones.


There are tools provided by Outlook client that not many users are aware of. It can be used in specific ways to send emails, collaborate documents and convert file formats. Not many people may know how to convert multiple MSG to PDF files with attachments in bulk. The steps for this have been mentioned in this post. All the relevant information plus an additional tool which can be very useful. Its primary goal is to provide flawless migration of email files with attachments without changes to data stored within. One can download the demo version for free before making a decision on buying the full version.