How to Remove Password from PDF?

A User’s Plight 

I get my card statements from banks every month in the form of PDF files that are password-secured mostly as there is personal info in them. I archive them in Google Drive but, being password-protected, the text is not searchable in Drive. Also, all PDF files have different passwords so I can’t remember them all and so can’t find them later on. Please suggest me some methods so that I can easily remove password from PDF files.

Understanding the Issue 

Some of the PDF files are password-encrypted that need passwords to be entered every time user views those documents. Passwords can be removed to save this inconvenience if PDF files are kept securely. Below mentioned are the manual methods to remove PDF passwords.

How to Get rid of Password Protection PDF

Files Using Chrome?

• Firstly, drag the required password-secured PDF file into Google Chrome’s web browser 
• After that, Google Chrome prompts for entering the password of that particular file 
• Then, enter its password
• And then, press Enter for opening that PDF file 
• Now, go to File menu in Chrome 
• Here, choose Print 
• Or else, alternatively, you can press Ctrl+P (Windows) or Cmd+P (Mac) 
• And then, choose “Save as PDF” 
• Then, click Save 
• After that, Google Chrome will save your PDF file to desktop without password-security 
• On re-opening that PDF file in Chrome it won’t need any password for opening 
• For Google-Cloud Print, you need to choose “Save to Google Drive” destination in the above print dialog 
• Finally, the PDF file without password gets sent directly to Google Drive from Google Chrome

How to Disable Password from PDF File without Using


• First of all, you have to download the free MS Windows utility that is known as the BeCyPDFMetaEdit to disable passwords from protected PDF files 
• Then, launch this program 
• It will then ask for PDF file’s location 
• Before selecting & opening the file, you need to change the mode 
• You have to change the mode to “Complete Rewrite” 
• Now, switch to the tab for Security 
• And then set the “Security-System” to “No-encryption” 
• After that click on the Save button 
• PDF file will not need any password now for opening it

Another Easy Trick to Disable Password from PDF: Use Print

to PDF

• Firstly, open password-protected PDF document in Preview
• Provide password if it needs 
• Click File 
• Go to Print for opening the print dialog 
• Now, click “PDF” menu’s button there at the lower side of the print dialog 
• Then select “Save-as-PDF” 
• And then, enter file name as well as location for this new unprotected PDF file when it prompts to do so 
• New PDF file would be having exactly similar contents as were there in the original password-protected PDF file, but without the need of any password for opening it

Official Method to Unlock Password of PDF: Using Adobe

Acrobat Pro

• Open the required PDF file in this Adobe-Acrobat-Pro 
• Give password for viewing the file 
• Now, click lock icon on left window’s side 
• Then, click “Permission Details” 
• After that Click File 
• Go to Properties 
• And then click the tab for “Security” 
• Click “Security-Method” box 
• Here, select “No Security” 
• And then, click “OK” for removing the PDF file’s password Click File 
• Then Save for saving the changes (password removal in this case) 
• Alternatively, close the program and get prompted for saving the changes 
• Once done, password gets removed from original protected PDF file

SysTools PDF Unlocker

Manual ways are surely available for free; but ultimately, they fail to work in most of the cases. Either they consume too much time or put your data at risk for the files involved to unlock password form PDF. Also, technical expertise is kind of a mandatory thing if a user is trying his hand at any of these manual ways for the first time to remove password from PDF file. First timers or novice users cannot do these with ease. So in light of such drawbacks, we suggest PDF Password Remover solution to you whose easy GUI helps you remove password from PDF file with ease and at ease.

The Concluding Words

PDF files surely are safe as they help you put passwords in files, but sometimes this password-security becomes a menace when you forget the password. In such a time, either you can use a manual way to disable password from the PDF file or else go for a better smarter option of trying a third-party tool for the purpose.