How to Convert ICS to PDF – Easy

Solutions for iCalendar Conversion

ICS or iCalendar is the file extension used for sharing Calendar data by using Google Calendar and multiple Email Applications such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Lotus Notes etc. Moreover, iCalendar files are used to synchronize several types of calendars over the Web. In order to have permanent access to the ICS calendar events, most of the users are querying about how to export ICS file to PDF file format. As PDF file is independent of all hardware’s and software so, it becomes easy for a user to access it anywhere he wants. Moreover, PDF file allows users to save and share the data in an organized plain text files that comprises of all essential details such as title, starting time, ending time and the brief summary of the calendar event. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed how to convert ICS to PDF format.

Why to Export ICS File to PDF


Before discussing the methods to convert ical to pdf file, let us first consider some of the user queries that had taken from some forum sites:

  • “Recently, I need to send my calendar to my manager, but she does not have iCal on their Desktop. I need to send it to her as a PDF document, but I do not know how. Please suggest me any method to convert ICS to Adobe PDF.”
  • “One of my friends has an .ics file and he wants to open it in pdf format. Is there any ICS to PDF file converter which can export iCal to .pdf?”
  • “Sometimes when I have entered an appointment in my MacBook, it will not display on my iPad or iPhone. However, this does not happen consistently. iCal unable to sync across multiple devices. Kindly provide me the solution to convert iCalendar to PDF, to view my appointments or events on iPhone?”
  • Explore How to Convert ICS to PDF Document

    There is not any direct method to move iCal/ ICS to PDF file format so users must follow below steps for the conversion:
    Step1: First, launch the Thunderbird application on the Desktop.
    Step 2: Now, users need to Import ICS files follow below action:

    • First of all, users have to select Events and Tasks option and choose Calendar.

    • After that, selecting the Import option from Thunderbird.

    • Finally, users able to import .ics file successfully.

    Step 3: After importing, choose the Export option for exporting the .csv file.
    Step 4: Go to option CSV file → Open → Excel option.
    Step 5: In last, save the CSV (comma separated value) file as a PDF document.

    Limitations of Manual Approach

    If users have multiple files, in that case, the process becomes too lengthy during the process to move iCal to PDF file. Also, this procedure takes much time during importing iCalendar.

    Hassle-Free Solution to Export ICS to PDF

    To overcome the above limitation, one can go for an alternate tool for ICS to PDF conversion. This tool provides a very useful feature to export iCal to PDF file document within a few clicks. This will help a user for opening ICS files on all operating system and portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and so on.

    How to Convert ICS to PDF File Automatically Using ICS Converter Tool

    Now, as we have discussed that the manual procedure is very time-consuming so, now lets see how to convert .ics file to PDF file format by using an automated procedure.

    • First, Download and Install ICS converter on your Computer and Start.
    • After that, click on Upload button for adding the ICS file, which you want to export.
    • Now, choose the file format from drop-down list in which you need to export your uploaded iCal files and then, click on Export.
    • Finally, click on Browse button to select the location where you want to save your resultant file and click on Next button After completing the export procedure, click on Finish button.

    Manually Conversion from CSV to PDF from MS Excel

    There are multiple steps those are discussed below:

    • Step 1: First, to open the CSV file in Excel by selecting Office Button and click on Open option or even press Ctrl+O key.
    • Step 2: Then, browse it on the Desktop. After this click on Office>>Print or enter Ctrl+P shortcut key and Print Window will display on the Screen.
    • Step 3: Now, choose the novaPDF from the drop list and click on OK button.
    • Step 4: After that, select any After Save option in Save PDF File as Window and again, click on OK button.
    • Step 5: Finally, printing will start and PDF document will be saved in the location as per users choice.

    Convert ICS to PDF


    ICS format is widely used for calendar files and enables to share information directly from the calendars over emails. Whereas, PDF document can be shared in a secure manner as encryption is performed during file share. As we have discussed in the above section that sometimes the need to move iCalendar to PDF format arises to maintain the continuity of the work. Also, we have discussed the manual method along with automated procedure to know how to export/ convert ICS to PDF has been illustrated step by step to have users a clear understanding of the file conversion procedure.