The emails in Outlook are in PST file format and these PST files are in our PCs. The PST files stores the copies of the mails locally and can be accessed when there is no stable IT connection. But if we want to keep our selected emails in hard copy format and move them from one place to another for portability and printing options. We can convert PST files into PDF. Converting the Outlook PST files into PDF is the safest ways for storing data in the email messages. In this article, we have tried to discuss the process of PST emails to PDF conversion.


"As an Outlook user, I have a large amount of emails configured in my account and this year I am graduating from my college. Therefore, for portability and printing options, I thought to convert my PST files into PDF but I did not found any reliable solution for it. According to me, it will be best to keep my selected emails in hard copy format, and migrate it to maintain data. Kindly provide me the solution for PST emails to PDF conversion."

Work Flow Outline:

  1. Loading PST file into Microsoft Outlook
  2. Describing the Manual method to convert Outlook PST Emails into PDF Files
  3. Describing alternate solution by choosing best PST to PDF converter tool.

Loading PST file in Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to File
  3. Select Open & Export
  4. Now Choose to Open Outlook Data File

Manual Method to Convert Outlook PST Emails into PDF Files:

  1. After loading the Outlook Data File, click on Inbox.
  2. Open the email.
  3. Then click over to the File
  4. Select Print
  5. Now click on Printer to open its drop down menu and select Print to PDF
  6. Now click on Print button
  7. Now a dialog box will appear asking for the file name and file location. Save the PDF file with a preferred name at desired location.

By Using PST to PDF Converter Tool:

Converting these emails individually can take a lot of time. So to convert this Outlook Email Folder items into a single PDF Document we can use a 3rd party tool, i.e. PST Converter. Which helps in converting PST to PDF file format.
  1. Open the PST Converter tool

  2. Click on Add File
  4. Now a dialog box to select path of the PST file will appear. Browse the file path from the file location.
  6. Now click on Add File

  7. The file will be loaded in the tool as shown in the figure:
    1. Now select the file and Click on Export
    3. Choose to select PDF radio button, in file format type. Now Browse the file from the file location, and select the inbox folder i.e to be converted in PDF and click on Export.
    4. The file will be Exported on the desired path location.


    This article describes both, the manual and 3rd Party tool method to export the PST file in PDF format and using 3rd party tool. Manual method exports each of the PST file in PDF format individually, and takes time to export the outlook data file in PDF format. But PST converter convert Outlook PST Emails into PDF Files in a single step conversion and saves our time. Software review websites like Techulator has recommended SysTools's ‘Outlook PST to PDF Converter'