Since the evolution of computer science in modern days, the accessibility of PDF file is found productive in most of the cases, because of its credibility & uneditable nature. So most of the industries prefer to have PDF documents, for instance if you are into legal industry & need to investigate the suspect’s data who usually works on Office 365 platform, then what will you do? How would you download Office 365 emails and save them as PDF files?

Let’s learn more about this issue and try to find a solution. 

After doing a lot of research on this topic, I came across a fact that there is no direct way to convert Office 365 emails to PDF but we can perform some time-consuming tasks manually as well as with the help of third-party tools.

You can take backup of your account’s emails

manually by the following the method:

  • Launch your Outlook of Office 365. 
  • Select the email that you want to convert as PDF file (Double click on that email).
  • Select the menu option> Click on Print

  • Then you will receive the screen as below, Click ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’.

The limitations of this manual method are as


  • As seen above, this method is applicable for single email at a time. And this method would fail when you have to convert bulk emails to PDF file. 
  • This method of saving each file as PDF will be time-consuming when you have multiple emails to be converted to PDF. 
  • Data loss can be a threat when you convert manually. 

So there could be an alternative method to this manual approach, which is by using a third-party tool that would be cost effective, reduce the risk of data loss, increase accuracy and decrease the time consumption.

So while looking for a solution to my questions, I googled about my issue and I came to a conclusion that using two tools would reduce my efforts and time and give me a better result. I came across a tool which allows us to take the backup of Office 365 emails to our local drive in PST and EML format. And another tool would convert these PST/ EML files to PDF files.

Now I shall introduce you, two-steps automated solution.

STEP 1: Download the emails to your desktop using ‘SysTools Office 365 Backup’.

STEP 2: Convert the downloaded PST / EML files to PDF files using ‘SysTools Outlook PST to PDF Converter’

PST can be converted to PDF file using a manual as well as automated approach. To know more about both the approaches, please follow the link below:


If you are looking for an affordable, accurate and efficient procedure of converting your PST messages to PDF format, then, you should try automated solution which is ‘SysTools PST to PDF Converter’ Tool. According to the customer reviews, I would recommend this tool to the users who are looking for a solution to convert PST to PDF.