While I was going through various Yahoo forums, I found similar queries that multiple users were facing. So I thought for a common solution to all the issues that were discussed in those forums.

Let’s first discuss the various issues of the users of Yahoo Mail.


Query- 1: “I want to convert Yahoo emails to PDF and send as one attachment. Please, someone give me an advice. Thanks.” 

Query- 2: “How to convert multiple Yahoo emails to PDF?” 

Query- 3: “I have been thinking to export Yahoo emails to PDF. I wish to make separate PDF for each email. How can I do that?” 

Query- 4: “I am entering the correct password still, Yahoo is asking for a confirmation code that I will never receive because I no longer have access to my phone number or email address that I saved in Yahoo mail. Please help me, I need to access some of my urgent emails.” 

Query- 5: “I have an odd problem; I tried a lot to solve this, but couldn’t succeed. 5 days ago, I saw most of the messages in the inbox missing, I went through all the folders and found them in the TRASH. I tried to MOVE them back to INBOX. All the messages reappeared in the INBOX for a while and after a few hours, they again moved back to TRASH. I moved them to ARCHIVES, they were only there for a few hours and again they automatically moved to TRASH. The tragedy is that today I am unable to find one of the important emails in any of the folders including TRASH. How can I recover lost Yahoo email?” 

Query- 6: “Years ago I used to access my Yahoo emails, I have an important confidential email in it which I forgot to forward to my new email account. I need to access that email. The funny thing is that I forgot my Yahoo email address that I wish to access. Someone guide me please!”

On the basis of the above user queries, I have summarized these two scenarios into a combined solution and came to the conclusion that you should export Yahoo emails to PDF.

When I came across the last three queries, I thought, all these users wouldn’t have had the issue of accessing their urgent emails if they had a backup of their Yahoo emails.

And by seeing the first three queries, I can say that the users are looking for solutions to export Yahoo emails to PDF.


After reading the above cases and suggestion; Now you might be thinking, why to export Yahoo emails to PDF format only?

Let’s have a discussion on this too.

Scenario-1: You took backup of your emails on your home PC which has MS Office installed but when you transfer that document to your work PC (which has Libre Office) then the document’s formatting gets changed. And you have a meeting in which you have to show those documents, what would you do then? 

Scenario-2: You are a forensic examiner; You have a suspect’s Yahoo email data and you wish to show that data as an evidence. Which file format would you prefer then? 

In these two cases, you should convert the data to PDF as:
  •  PDF looks the same in all devices i.e it’s formatting remains the same.
  •  PDF is secured as you cannot edit its content and can also apply a security password to it.
These were the reasons why we should prefer to export Yahoo emails to PDF.

So as already mentioned above, I have researched on various ways to export Yahoo emails to PDF.

Now let’s have a look at various ways to do that.

Manual Method: 

 There are no direct methods to export Yahoo email to PDF. We can follow the below steps:

Step-1: Configure your Yahoo account to Outlook. Please visit the below link to know more:
 Add Yahoo Account to Outlook

Step -2: In Outlook 2007 and previous versions, there is no direct option to export a file as PDF. See the following steps:
  • Copy the contents of your email and paste the contents in the file. Then create a word document with any preferred name. 
  • Export the word document to PDF. 
 In Outlook 2010 and later versions, there is a direct option available which helps to save a single email as PDF.
After trying manual method to export Yahoo email to PDF, I felt that it is a time-consuming procedure, does not keep the meta or hyperlink formatting and this method would fail if the user has to export bulk Yahoo messages to PDF.  
So I have found an alternative to this manual method; which is using the third party tools to export Yahoo email to PDF. 
While searching on the internet for the automated tool, I came across various software but a reliable solution I came across is, ‘Yahoo Backup’ and ‘PST to PDF Converter’. You may use the former to export Yahoo emails to PST and then you can use the latter to convert PST to PDF. This way you can export Yahoo email to PDF easily in less time. 


So finally this blog has come to an end, we have discussed various scenarios where we want to export yahoo emails then save those backup in PDF format and the two ways to do so. This is all I had to share on this blog post. If any queries or suggestions regarding this blog, please revert below. Thank you!