Sometimes a situation comes, where we have to take reference from a PDF which is completely written in a script we are unable to understand. In order to do so we have to take the help of someone who is able to read and translate it in our own language. This article deals with the Simple easy trick of converting the file, so that you can understand that PDF script by your own and take easily take the reference from it.

Trick to do this:-

Here is a Simple trick to translate your PDF file in other language.
1. Firstly Open your PDF file and check if it’s working properly.
2. Now log in to your Google drive.
3. Upload the PDF file into your Google drive.

4. Now Right click on the File we have uploaded and choose Open with and select Google doc.

5. Now the file will open in Google Doc.

6. Go to Tools and click on Translate.

7. Now select the language you want to preview the document into.

8. Click on Translate.

9. Now the file will be translated and previewed into language you want to get it translated.


So by following method we can translate and convert the file. But if the PDF file is having some security credentials there is also a method to get through this. We can do this by using a 3rd party software. To do so we have to first unlock the PDF file by using this software and then uploading the file in Google Drive and proceeding to the above steps.