August 5, 2014

How to Convert HTML Pages into PDF File

How to Convert HTML Pages into PDF File
10:51 AM by Steven Hodgin

What is a PDF and How to use?

PDF is a known file format as you know with the name Portable Document File, it is an open source format which supports different hardware and operating system. Every PDF page is encrypted with text, graphics, fonts and with many other features. In 1991 co-founder of Adobe John Warnock designed a format as “Camelot” which developed to “PDF” later.

A PDF File has many qualities that make preferable it for many professions like - law, forensic, and other legal requirement. The most important features, it is a“read only” document that cannot be edited, copied or printed without entering the Password.

What is HTML and How to use?

HTML is Known as Hypertext markup language, it specially uses for making WEB pages. HTML is written in codes like, <html>, <header>, <body>, <h1>, <img> and <div>. Web Browsers are developing to view HTML files by which a user can easily check the layout of their designed file in a markup language. Mark up language is a kind of view in which web browser converts codes and scripts in simple text and content that a user can easily read or understand.

HTML could be a set of codes that an internet site author inserted into a lucid document to format the content. The author inserts hypertext markup language tags, or commands, before and once words or phrases to point their format and placement on the page. Hypertext Markup Language tags won’t add tables, lists, images, music, and alternative components of a web page.

What is the need to convert HTML into PDF?

HTML is a code file which contains different codes and scripts by which a user can’t open in different machines. In this criteria PDF plays an important role because it is one of the most important feature is that it support any machine hardware and Operating System which a user prefer to work.

Ways to Convert HTML Files into Adobe PDF

There are three ways to convert

  • Scripts
  • Online Tools
  • Third Party Tools

Script Method

In this blog we are going to explain how to use such scripts which can simply generate PDF from HTML markup and from CSS language.

DOMPDF is a useful tool to complete the task of HTML conversion into PDF. You can get it from GitHub – It is a kind of Library, which contain PHP scripts to convert HTML files.

set_include_path(get_include_path() . PATH_SEPARATOR . "/path/to/dompdf");
$dompdf= newDOMPDF();
$html= <<<'ENDHTML'
<h1>Hello Dompdf</h1>

For More Detail -

2 best Online Tool to convert HTML to PDF

HTML to PDF Converter




Total HTML Converter

Free online tools which need just the URL of the HTML – web page and then convert it into a PDF file which automatically download on your computer. But it just adds a small logo on its own site.

Third Party Tools

There are many third party tools present in the market, but some tool are waste, some tools need high configurations and some tools are paid. So how can a user get those HTML to PDF converter tools which complete task in time, don’t change PDF properties and data, and user can get them free.

So here I suggest you a free tool which convert HTML files easily.

EVO PDF Software

EVO HTML to PDF converter is a power full printer friendly tool that converts all HTML files in Adobe PDF pages. It has the potential to transfer HTML data into easy and maintainable PDF file,the EVO PDF software also has an inbuilt option to Convert SVG help to create high quality vector graphics and text rendering effect in PDF. EVO HTML to PDF converter for .NET has full support for HTML tags and CSS, SVG, page breaks management with CSS designs, continuation HTML table header on every PDF page, live URLs and internal links in PDF, mechanically generated bookmarks, HTML within the headers and footers.

An important feature is that the support for varied styles of authentication like Integrated Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication or custom login.

The HTML to PDF device isn't exploitation any third party tools and no installations or special settings are necessary on the server so as to urge it operating. Identical assembly works each in 32-bit and 64-bit environments and copy preparation on the server is supported.

After reading all three options I hope that you can become an expert of HTML to PDF conversion process and no such issues will come in your way to stop converting HTML files into PDF.

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